eight days of lazy (2014)


This series grew from a period of contemplation and rest, self-imposed as a way of regenerating creative ideas and providing untrammelled intellectual and visual interior space. The genesis of mental, intellectual, artistic, moral and spiritual enlightenment, it is represented by color and line written entirely on a feminine body.

 Of this regenerative and illuminating period of time, the artist reveals:

I decided to retreat from my perpetual busyness early last year. I left my job and granted myself permission to be unbothered and lazy for eight full days and permission to deconstruct my former earth. To reconfigure all I ever consumed, clung to, prayed for and forgotten. In this extended week, I was by myself. There were no props, background, or tangible context. Only color.”

This respite proved to be three fold: cathartic, disruptive, and inspiring. In the work that emerged, each day represents a unique cosmos, showing characteristics such as abuse and excess, credulity, and formally unique constellations of individual shapes and pretty lines. “In each world, I found sporadic instances of harmony, but most times, the pieces of me waged violent wars against one another.”  

Unlike a sequential narrative in a book, or the coming together of puzzle pieces, much of this process seemed to be in opposition and discordant. This dissonance is reflected in the energy of each figure, revealing a constantly reflective, transforming, and awake sensibility that posits creation in both the body and the mind. The importance of this revelatory process reveals itself in a refined cohesiveness of thematics, form, and style in the eight pictures.

(Rosa J.H. Berland and Modupeola Fadugba